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I've experienced a lot of joy from decorative painting, and it gives me great pleasure to share my stencils, tips and ideas with you and others who share my passion for paint!  The intricate stencils I have designed reflect the way I like to stencil:  with detailed, "bridgeless" designs that look as if they have been hand painted.   In the past, when I used stencils that I purchased, I had to add a lot of freehand brush work to fill in the bridges and make everything look more 'connected'.  It is my goal to design stencils that already have those connections and details.  Each stencil package includes specific instructions for the use of the stencil, a color photo, paint color suggestions, and stencilling tips.

  PJ's Decorative Stencils is now carrying very detailed Animal Stencils designed by Karrie J. Butler which are wonderfully lifelike! Karrie's Stencils


PJ's Decorative Stencils!
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100 Large Venezia Lace Border 39.00

21" x 10"
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(includes corner adjustment piece)


7"x 6"
101 Small Venezia Lace Border 25.00

10.5" x 5"
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(corner adjustment piece)


3.5 " x 3"
102 Circular Lace 35.00

18 x 18
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103 Lace Doily 30.00

11" x 11"
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200 Curious Cat and Grasshopper 65.00

17" x 10 "
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201 Fancy Fleur-de-lis 35.00

16" x 10"
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202 Wild Rose and Berry Border 75.00

27" x 10"
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203 Baby's Breath Accent Pieces n/a

5" x 3"
204 Porcelain Planter 16.00

6" x 4"
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205L Large Planter 15.00

9" x 9"
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205m Medium Planter 12.00

7" x 6 .75"
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206 Set of Grasses 70.00 Add to cart
207 Millet Grass 24.00

18.5" x 7"
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208L Large Wild Grasses 20.00

13.5" x 10"
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208s Small Wild Grasses 16.00

7" x 6.5"
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209 Lawn Grass 18.00

4.5" x 3"
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210 P.J.'s Trompel'oeil Rug Rug 215.00

47.5" x 29"
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(includes Fringe and Winding Vine Accent Pieces)

211 Fancy Fringe 35.00

27" x 3.5"
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212 Winding Vine Accent Pieces (corner & long vines) 39.00 Add to cart
212C Winding Vine Accent Pieces- Corner Vine Only 24.00

each side = 9" x 4"
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212L Winding Vine Accent Pieces- Long Vine Only 24.00

15.5" x 3.75"
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213S Small Terrific Tendrils 20.00

3.75" to 6"
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213M Medium Terrific Tendrils 22.00

4" to 8"
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213L Large Terrific Tendrils 25.00

6.25" to 12.75"
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214 Full Set of 21 Terrific Tendrils 59.00 Add to cart
215 Original Large Free-Flowing Ivy On Sale Now! 40.00

33" x 15"
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216 Original Medium Free-Flowing Ivy 45.00

23.5" x 9.25"
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217 Original Small Free-Flowing Ivy 35.00

16.25" x 6.5"
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218 Large New Free-Flowing Ivy 89.00

58" x 12"
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219 Medium New Free-Flowing Ivy 69.00

40" x 8"
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220 Small New Free-Flowing Ivy 49.00

29" x 5.5"
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221 Large Ivy Flowers 50.00

31" x 12"
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222 Medium Ivy Flowers 40.00

22" x 9"
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223 Small Ivy Flowers 30.00

15.5 " x 6"
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225 Bleeding Heart + Medium Planter 59.00

22.5" x 5"
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226 Large Delphinium 95.00

51" x 11"
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(includes 1 stem & 1 flower head)

227 Medium Delphinium 75.00

42" x 9"
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(includes 1 stem & 2 flower heads)

228 Set of Large and Medium Delphiniums 155.00 Add to cart
229 Set of Small Delphiniums 85.00

25.5" x 5.5" &
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(includes 2 stems & 3 flower heads)


21" x 4.5"
230 Full Set of Delphiniums 215.00 Add to cart
231 Frequent Flyer Bird 35.00

7.5" x 6.75"
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232 Four- Footed Bird (perched/standing) 35.00

6.5" x 4.75"
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233 Golden Birdcage 75.00

23" x 15"
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(includes Chain)


15" x 1.25"
(includes Branch)

234 Chain 12.00

15" x 1.25"
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Karrie's Stencils



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