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How to Cut a Stencil... and other Tips, Tools and Techniques!
by P.J. Goddard / P.J.'s Decorative Stencils!

Recommendations by professional stencillers about E-Z Cut Plastic
* "It's the most amazing product--it almost cuts itself!" --Sandi Rosencrans, owner of "Stencilled Accents", Wysomissing, PA
* "It cuts like Butter!" -- Judi Alyea.

* "Your material is everything you say it is and more. I love it!  It has made my work easier and allows me to add more detail...." --Charlene M.

* "I ran out of E-Z cut plastic and had to use something else--that was a nightmare!  I have you bookmarked with a reminder to check my stock of E-Z
Cut...I never want to run out of it"--Barbara Shempert-Edgar.

* "P.J.~ You were right! I love this stuff and did so many stencils in a day with it, it's gone already. I will be needing another 10 ft. I will never buy anything else for my stencils. 
  I think your product is great. This is a big find for my business. Thank You so much, Kari"

* "The the combination of the stencil material and stencil burner is terrific. I don't know how I ever lived without these!" --BJZ


Wide Rolls of E-Z Cut: Fabulous 24"-wide & 36"-wide clear materials for cutting stencils easily with our fine-tip stencil burners! (See video :)
Nicknamed "cuts like butter"; very easy to cut with a stencil burner or X-acto knife. It works incredibly well with the stencil burners, and
doesn't get any frustrating ridges, as other materials do. 

~Available in 2 widths and thicknesses:
  *E-Z Cut Plastic: 24" wide, 6mil; cut into any length you desire up to 100 feet!
  *Heavy E-Z Cut Plastic: 36" wide, 10 mil; cut into any length you desire up to 100 feet!
 ***Heavy Duty E-Z Cut Plastic is very popular!!!!!!
  So many people requested a thicker, stronger, wider type of stencil material that we formulated Heavy Duty E-Z  Cut PlasticTM!!!
  It is 36" wide, is almost twice as thick as the original E-Z Cut
and can still be cut easily with stencil burners or X-acto knives. It is excellent for cutting stencils that need extra durability or size, like large damask stencils. It is excellent for troweling materials through, for raised stencilled effects and dimensional stencils! It has been used extensively in the theater business for set design, as well as for stencils for sandblasting on rocks, for airbrushing, for pinball machine stencil restorations, for use in laser plotter stencil-cutting machines, vinyl-cutters, cricut cutters, and for stenciling on fabric and wooden signs.

About E-Z Cut Plastic Stencil Materials:
~Volume discount prices  (the more you buy, the less it costs per foot)

~Durable and flexible: won't crack or tear; stencils can be used repeatedly.

~Easy to clean: shiny on both sides;  paint doesn't adhere to it as much as it does to frosted materials. Solvents do not harm it. Many airbrush artists use E-Z Cut!

~Eliminates ridges: create stencilled prints with crisp edges since E-Z Cut cuts cleanly.

~Photocopiers instantly transfer designs onto E-Z Cut Plastic, or tracing can be done onto it with an extra-fine-tip permanent pen. (see much more info on this in the Tips, Tools and Techniques section).

~For best results, store E-Z Cut stencil materials loosely rolled.

~Create stencilled proofs:  stencil on the E-Z Cut using acrylic paints to create sample proofs of stencil designs; just tape them to the wall--since the proofs are clear, it is easy to see through them for determining placement of the designs, and to see what the stencils will look like over painted walls or other surfaces!
  (see more information on this in the Tips, Tools, and Techniques section)


We created huge stencils for the Trompe l'oeil project, painting gothic arches and embellishments on the facade of the Albany Public Library.  We used Heavy Duty E-Z to create stencils that were as large as 6.5 feet high by 14 feet long, with as many as 5 overlays.

 See Library Project

P.J. and her mom, Sally Goddard, hold up one of the 6.5 foot high by 12 foot long stencils made out of 2 sheets of Heavy Duty E-Z Cut taped together!


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