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How to Cut A Stencil... and other Tips, Tools, & Techniques
by P.J. Goddard / P.J.'s Decorative Stencils!

As P.J. showed on the Carol Duvall Show on HGTV (show # 724), you can
easily create and cut your own stencils with E-Z Cut PlasticTM stencil
material and a stencil burner! ***The most remarkable thing about E-Z Cut
Plastic is that it is formulated to work well with stencil burners and
doesn't get the aggravating rough ridges that other materials develop! It is
formulated to cut cleanly-- no need to sand or scrape off beaded edges as
with other materials!  E-Z Cut Plastic is clear, flexible, and durable.  It is glossy
on both sides, yet accepts permanent ink for designing and registration
marks. Paints don't adhere to this as much as they do to other materials, so
there's less need to wash stencils.
      P.J. says: "Over the past decade, E-Z Cut Plastic and my stencil burner
have enabled me to easily create stencils that are very intricate and
detailed. I have done several elaborate stencilling jobs with over 200 custom
stencils used in each room, and on one job I used 60 overlay pieces in just a
twelve foot border. (all seen in Stenciling Techniques).  I usually cut 99%
of my stencils--the circles, jagged edges and curvesd parts- with my stencil
burner, and cut tiny intricate areas and straight lines with a sharp X-acto
knife blade."

Sample Proofs: Another way to use E-Z Cut Plastic is to stencil (with
acrylic paint) on it to make see-through sample proofs. Tape these proofs up
to determine placement of your stencils, and you can see what the stencilled
paint colors will look like over painted or faux-finished walls!  It's much
better than doing proofs on paper, since E-Z Cut Plastic is clear and you can
flip the E- Z Cut proofs in both directions to see how they look best.

Money-making/saving Tip:  Stencil all of your favorite stencil designs on E-Z
Cut Plastic, then show these to clients....you will be more likely to re-use your
favorite stencils on the next job (better value for the investment) because the
clients can easily see in advance what they will be having stencilled!



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