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Design Proofs

E-Z Cut Design Proofs: E-Z Cut Plastic can be used to create versatile design proofs of stencils! Stencil with acrylic paint directly on a sheet of E-Z Cut Plastic to make sample proofs (pounce on a light coating at first, then build up the paint). Because the E-Z Cut is clear, the stencil designs stand out well when they are held up to the wall. It's much better than doing proofs on paper or opaque surfaces, since the clear E-Z Cut proofs can be flipped in all directions to see which way they look best. When doing free-form stencilling on a wall, the clear proofs can be taped up in various configurations while you stand back to determine the desired placement of your stencils.

Smart stencilers have painted their favorite stencils on E-Z Cut, then have taken these proofs to show clients at consultations. Since it is so much easier for a client to visualize a stencil held up to their wall paint or finish (vs. seeing a photo from a catalog or portfolio), they often choose to have these designs stencilled. This makes good business sense for the stenciller, who is already familiar with the stencil, has it in stock, and has a better sense of how to charge for the commission than when using a brand new stencil!



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