"Faux Paw" Faux Finish Mitt          Item 007

See finsihed projects using the Faux Paw.


A pure lamb's wool mitten--It's a new tool that will make your faux finishing more fun!  

P.J.'s 'Faux Paw' Faux Finish Mitt is excellent for doing blended parchment finishes, color washing textures, marbles, & clouds!  It gives a softer effect than a sponge or rag!  Hands don't get as tired as when holding a sponge, and painting goes faster than when using a sponge because of the mitt's large surface area!  It's like having two tools on one hand-- use both the front and back sides. This mitt can be worn on either hand and washes in the washing machine.


  • Great for unique effects
  • Faster than sponging
  • Makes faux fun!

Price $29.00

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