Stencil Burners

For cutting your own stencils the easy way, you can use a stencil burner--a tool that's like a wood burning tool--just trace the design with it and the stencil practically drops out! The Electric Stencil Burner has a comfortable wooden handle, a fine-tipped point, and the tip is at an angle to the burner, so it is easy to hold like a pencil.  This is the best burner to use for cutting very intricate stencils.  The electric cord is almost 6 feet long.

How to cut a stencil the fast, fun and easy way!

Electric Stencil Burner with one fine-point angled tip     (120V - for use in North America) $29.95   Item 004

Foreign Electric Stencil Burner with one fine-point angled tip   (230/240V 20 WATTS) **foreign electric current**   $39.95  Item 004A


***Highly recommended:
~ Click here to see the sturdy metal stand that holds the stencil burner-- it's a great safety feature!
~ Purchase E-Z Cut or Heavy Duty E-Z Cut Stencil Material to cut with the burner. These materials are formulated to work with the stencil burner, and get superior results when compared to mylar or acetate films.

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